MIS Uniform 2016 - A summary of information


2016 is the first year of the new MIS uniform. We are excited about this, and believe this uniform will be both more attractive and practical for our students. It has been selected to best-represent us: where we have come from; where we are; and where we are going. We appreciate the input we received from our community throughout this process.


Here is a guideline for students at MIS for the year 2016:


  • 2016 IS a transition year for our new uniform - both the old and the new uniform are acceptable.

  • From 2017 onwards ONLY the new uniform will be acceptable. Therefore, we recommend that all Year 7’s purchase the new MIS uniform as this will be most cost-effective for families in the long run.

  • We accept that there will be students in a combination of new and old for 2016

  • This has always been the MIS stance on this process. We do apologise for any confusion caused by differing stories from NZ Uniforms.

  • We recommend the following for our students in 2016:


Year 7’s


  • New uniform items, available from NZ Uniforms (in the old Bryan’s Furniture building next to McDonald’s)

  • Compulsory items are:

    • Blue polo shirts with embroidered MIS logo (boys & girls)

    • Navy blue drill-shorts (not embroidered)

      • Please note: our order from NZ Uniforms was for shorts which had our ‘ADMIRE’ logo embroidered on them. The shorts available at the Masterton shop do not have this embroidery. Therefore, it may be possible to find cost-effective alternatives which look exactly the same.

    • Navy blue socks & polishable shoes OR sandals (a list of acceptable footwear is available at Number One Shoe Warehouse)

    • Skirt/Skorts for girls (these are still grey until the current stock clears. They are available from NZ Uniforms or the MIS School Office)

    • Red sweater with embroidered MIS logo - You may choose not to buy this until the weather starts cooling down

  • There are a number of optional items (jackets, polar fleece tops etc) which you may choose to buy.

  • Remember: NZ Uniforms offers ‘The Uniform Club’; which allows you to pay towards school uniforms in a similar way to supermarket ‘Christmas clubs’. This also rewards you with a 10% discount when it comes time to purchase.


Year 8’s


  • Year 8’s have the option of purchasing the new uniform, but do not have to. For the 2016 school year, we are expecting most of our Year 8 students to wear the old uniform as this is what they will have purchased last year.

Shoes Masterton Intermediate School has a clear policy on shoes.  For winter they are to be plain black polishable school shoes.   These types of shoes are allowed:    

These types of shoes are not allowed:  

Summer shoes are to be black school or roman sandals or black school shoes.  

These types of sandals are allowed:    

These types of sandals are not allowed:    

Insistence upon wearing the neat, practical uniform is part of the school policy. All students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times. Designed to last the two year term, it is economical, easy to maintain and prevents competition in dress. The accumulation of lost and unclaimed clothing each term reinforces the need to have all clothing clearly marked before being worn to school, preferably with sewn printed name tags. 


No items of jewellery or necklaces may be worn except items of cultural or religious significance. Children with pierced ears are permitted to wear studs/sleepers - girls: one pair only, boys: one stud only; silver or gold.  No nose or body studs are permitted.


Girl's long hair must be tied up or pulled back using pins or plain ties, headbands and clips

Boy's hair must be tidy with no inappropriate styles e.g. dreadlocks, rats tails or braids. 

Boys and girls hair must be their natural colour.