Three years ago we had a survey of parents' attitudes towards "Homework".   Approximately 50% saw the benefits of it and other 50% felt that the school work should be at done at school.  Our Senior Management team had a discussion on homework and the following as agreed on:

  • That homework would consist of work that has already been taught.
  • That homework set should not be arduous for the student, nor for the class teacher.
  • That homework would be marked with a whole class on a day set by the class teacher.

At Masterton Intermediate a typical week's homework would have aspects of the following:

  • An expectation that the student would read for twenty minutes each night.  A record of their reading may be kept through a log book.
  • An expectation that there would be maintenance of maths concepts previously taught. An emphasis in the first part of the year should be on Number.
  • There may be some spelling lists or work around formal language given for a student to revise.
  • Throughout the year students may have to finish off title pages and/or work that they failed to compete in class.
  • Later this term they will be asked to research on aspects of Early Wairarapa. Your assistance in helping your child to do this would be appreciated

The homework is seen as a partnership between home and school. To this extent we have provided pamphlets that give you tips on how to help your child on the key areas of literacy and numeracy.  As teachers we would be grateful if you would support your child in whatever homework he or she gets.

Below are a list of websites that are suitable for your child to use to help with the development and revision of their maths skills: