This term Year 7 students from Rooms 3,5,7,9,13 and 15 are at Music. We will be learning to read and write music as well as learning how to play seven or eight tunes on the keyboard. we will also be finding out about some composers and musicians from years gone by up to the present day. Later in the term the ukuleles will be coming out and we will be having fun singing and playing lots of tunes.

Room 3, 2013

Welcome to 2013, Room 3

Mrs Jolliffe is our teacher and we have an awesome class of year 7 and 8 students who have made a great start to the year.

We led the first assembly of the year, yesterday. Cheycoda and George W did a fantastic job as MCs.

Room 1s class work

This last week has been amazing with all the things  like B,L,T  procedure writing,and our teacher reading Holes to us and the best of all the Christmas art.With the B,L,T procedure writing after we have wrote the procedure we have to follow it step by step and see what we come up with .The Christmas art about making cards and doing colour ins in Christmas greetings or Christmas symbols.



Science Blog-December -January

What an exciting and busy end to the school year we are having in the Science Room.

The year 7 students have completed  their work on "The  Human Body" unit involving the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.

Options one, "Lets Experiment," have learnt about explanational writing  and carried out many experiments.

The options two group, "Dig This," have harvested their produce from, The garden," and taken their pumpkin plants home to plant out.

Room 12 at the beach!

 Last Thursday Room 12 went to the beach, we went on a bus to Castle Point and everybody had a great time. We were put in groups and there were sasuges and juice. We took 3 buses down and there were lots of fun games an everyone. People went diving and they caught 1 fish and lots of crabs. There were lots of parents that came, here are some pictures of our great day out.


OUR Awards


Monday's school assembly saw the presentation of the Curriculum and School service awards. It was fantastic to see so any of class up on stage. They have all worked extremely hard this year and this is a perfect way to celebrate their success. 

Snow White and the Huntsman and ....

Dear Caregivers of Room 9,

This Weeks Report From William & Jacob

This week we have a lot going on with a half day on Thursday and on Friday we have the year 6 orientation day. For this we will have year 6s from all different schools in the Wairarapa.Today we have a proffesional scootering video for you:

William and Jacob signing out.

This Weeks Report From William & Jacob

Today we have the Havelock North Cultral Exchange starting. We have alot of students from Havelock North intermediate coming for this exchange. They all have their own hobbies but one of the favourites is scootering. This is a scooter edit from our friends in Featherston. Enjoy:

Horrible Histories

 In room11 we are watch Horrible Histories series 1 wtich has crazy clipits of  the Rotten Romans, Groovy Greeks, Vicious Vikings and Stupid Deaths. Its funny and it also teaches you at the same time.

By Cameron Nation 

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