All children at Masterton Intermediate are exposed to and involved in a variety of arts activities during their two years here. 


Our top art works are seen on display in Aratoi Art Museum and in the Artsplash Festival in Wellington at various times of the year.

Another way our students are exposed to the Arts is during Options. This is held each Day 6 in the afternoon, two terms a year. A mixture of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art programmes are made available to the students. Each term, students choose which programme they would like to be involved in and all efforts are made to provide them with their first choice. This gives each student the unique opportunity to explore their talents or try something new. 


Some of the available Options programmes are:

    • A-Z of Science
    • Cooking Club
    • Creative Creations
    • Designing Computer Games
    • Dig This - Gardening
    • Fab Lab
    • Farming
    • Howzat - Cricket
    • Ki-o-Rahi
    • Kapa Haka
    • Kotiro Toa
    • Mechanics
    • Outdoor Adventures
    • Sports Alive





Wellington Artsplash

Each year a group of children travel to Wellington and represent Masterton Intermediate by competing in the Artsplash Festival which include Choir, Visual Art exhibition, Wearable Arts, Dance and Drama.


Havelock North Alternative Programmes

During the exchange programmes that take place with Havelock North twice a year, a variety of programmes are made available over a three day period to the students that are not participating. Many of these are Arts based activity programmes also.